NBA JAM 04.00.12

The classic arcade game on Android


  • Classic gameplay
  • Excellent controls
  • Addictive


  • Needs more classic players


NBA Jam is a revered classic arcade basketball game. The over-the-top gameplay led to a lot of grandstanding and making fun of friends when you dunked over them.

Electronic Arts have brought NBA JAM to Android in one of the most successful ports that uses a touchscreen.


NBA JAM features three modes: Play Now, Classic Campaign, and Local Multiplayer.

The three modes offer a great variety of gameplay experiences. Play Now is essentially a quick match. You choose the two teams and players and play a four quarter match.

Classic Campaign is a journey to defeat other teams and win the NBA championships while unlocking extra players and cheats. Local multiplayer allows you to play against another person over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


The visuals of NBA JAM are both a throwback to the original game and updated for Android devices. The game features images of players on top of the interchangeable bodies. NBA JAM focuses on the gameplay, but there are a lot of smaller details shown on the basketball court like the quarter timer, shot clock, and the classic camera flashes when performing a huge dunk. It accurately brings the original style of NBA JAM and updates the effects for more powerful Android devices.


NBA JAM is a game that represents the best use of touchscreen controls. The left side has a movement circle while the right holds the turbo and offensive/defensive actions. Even without going through the tutorial, it is easy to understand.

Since the controls are excellent in NBA JAM, the arcade experience is one of the best for a mobile game. The different difficulty levels provide different experiences, but at the core, Electronic Arts brought NBA JAM back in its true form.

NBA JAM an outstanding port of a classic arcade game that did not lose any of its addictive gameplay.



NBA JAM 04.00.12

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